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Who is Wisdom Spring?

Wisdom Spring is a non-profit 501c3 that was established in 2003, with the initial purpose of bringing awareness to water and education issues in sub-Saharan Africa. Over the years we have expanded our work to support communities in India as well. 

Key to our mission is to work with teens in the United States to foster community engagement, leadership, and social awareness. Our main fundraising event, Walking for Water, is a teen-driven initiative designed to provide teens from the high schools we partner with a chance to learn about their gifts and step into the world in a different way. Our hope is that we encourage in them a willingness to look outside themselves and learn how others experience daily life. They learn about themselves while being of service to others. 

What is Walking For Water?


Walking for Water is a yearly fundraising event that supports the work of Wisdom Spring. 18 years ago a teen at Heritage Highschool in Leesburg, VA had the idea of creating an event where people walked the distance others walk in parts of the world to collect water. She had heard a talk by our founder Sobonfu Some and was moved by her stories of living in a village in Burkina Faso, where walking miles a day to gather water is a daily activity. 


Over the years we have worked with teen groups in high schools on the East and West Coasts to create this yearly event. The event helps us fund projects, but it also supports the teens in learning leadership and community engagement skills.



How can I join the event? 

There are three basic ways to get involved. 

1) You can Participate as a walker by clicking this link HERE or by going to the Wisdom Spring event page HERE.


2) Sponsor someone who is walking. You can go HERE and use the search at the top of the page to find a Team or Participant. You may also receive invitations from walkers as well. 


3) Or directly Donate to Wisdom Spring by going HERE


You can do one or all 3!


This year we are working with the fundraising platform DonorDrive and the walking app Move Spring. This way you can join from anywhere! 


What do I need to do to be a PARTICIPANT?


First, you can register on our event page HERE. From there you can set up the walking app, tether a health app, set your goals, and invite sponsors. Check out our REGISTRATION page to learn how to set everything up! 


What do I need to do to be a SPONSOR?


Generally, there are two ways: 1) You receive an invite from an individual participant or a team to sponsor them for the walk. Usually, this is an amount per mile walked. Follow the link and register your commitment to them. 2) You can search for active participants and teams and choose one - or several - to sponsor! 

At the end of the event, you will receive a notice as to how your sponsee did and what the total of your donation is. When you register you will add your payment information so then there is simply a charge to your account. 


How does the walking app work? 


We are partnering with Donor Drive and Move Spring to provide a more enhanced walking experience. Move Spring is a walking app specifically created for events like ours and has an engaging peer-to-peer feature. 


Once you register, you will be prompted to set up your Move Spring account and download the app. When you do you can tether a fitness app that will help track your steps once the Walking for Water event goes live. In Move Spring you will see all the other participants who are walking and their status. You can message other walkers, make challenges and track your progress. 


Also as you walk - you will notice on the Journey Map that there are milestones at specific points - generally at every mile completed. Each milestone has a message or treat to keep you motivated and inspired. 


Can I add miles manually if I do not use a fitness app? 


Yes, you can! There is an option for adding your miles manually. Please be aware that when you follow this option, milestones are opened in bunches, not automatically one by one as they are when your steps are tracked in real-time. 


What happens after I register? 


Check out the detailed Help Sheet to see all the next steps after registration. 


Do I get my own fundraising page?


A cool feature of the Donor Drive platform is that once you register for Walking for Water you receive your own fundraising page. From here you can add photos, text, and your goal for the event. If you are part of a team, use your page to show members of your team and your goals. 


Even better is you can use that page to send out requests to sponsors who can support your fundraising mission and commit to a per-mile amount. You can also send challenges to others and engage your community! 


(To send a potential sponsor a link to your personal page, go to the settings tab about halfway down on your dashboard and you can cut and paste the link into an email or text. When your sponsor clicks it they will see a "Support Me" option at the top of your page and they can set up their donation.)


Creating your page is an essential step to focus your goals - so make sure you check out our tip sheet for ideas. 


Can I accept cash or a check donation?


YES. Our payment processor accepts major credit cards, as well as cash through Venmo.


Please keep in mind that Venmo donations are only active for One-time donations. At this time you cannot use Venmo for Activity Pledges where you donate a per-mile amount.


Checks can be made out to Wisdom Spring and sent to: 

Wisdom Spring

4470 West Sunset Blvd, #90161

Los Angeles, CA  90027



I live outside of Virginia and California. Can I still participate?


YES!! YES!! YES!! You do not need to be in person to join the event. Get per mile donations and walk from your home base. Since Move Spring is an app - all you need is a phone and fitness app to track your steps. 


I live outside the United States. Can I still participate?


YES!! YES!! YES!! As it says above - one of the great things about using Move Spring is that you can participate from anywhere. Since it is an app - all you need is a phone and fitness app to track your steps. 

Is there a required fundraising goal? 

We have set a $100 USD default goal; however, you can set your own fundraising goal. We suggest selecting an amount that may have a particular meaning to you. Just make sure to let your supporters know why you chose that goal and its significance. If you reach your goal, DON'T STOP. You can always change your goal and raise more!

What if I do not reach my goal?

We appreciate every effort! Every dollar raised will make a difference. If you need some inspiration or tips, check out our tips tab on the Event Page. 


What do I need to do to DONATE?

Go to any Donate button at or the event landing page to make a direct donation. You can pick one of our designated categories or a custom amount of your choosing. 

For those interested in larger donations - the cost of a well is generally $10,000. For donations of this size, you will have your name added to any placard made for that well when it is completed. If you are considering this size of donation please let us know so we can make sure your donation is not impacted by fees!

Do you take Corporate Sponsorships? 


We do! We often collaborate with local businesses who want to sponsor the event either with funding or with in-kind support. You can check our sponsor levels HERE. With the addition of the walking app and event page, there are more ways for a corporate sponsor to be featured. 


I donated. Do I get a tax receipt?


A tax receipt letter is generated once your donation is processed and will be emailed to you. Please contact support if you do not receive one. 



Is the event in person this year? 

YES. We are excited to return to Live events this year. The walk on the East Coast is at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA on MAY 7th, 2022, and the West Coast walk is at the Laguna Beach High School stadium on May 22nd, 2022. Since everyone will use the walking app, you can walk on and between those dates to earn miles. 

Make sure to check the info tabs on the landing page and at to get all the info about directions and day-of details. 

Why is the event 20 miles?

Colter Johnson, one of the past teen leaders, is now an adult and wonderful filmmaker. He created a documentary called 20 Miles a Glass, exploring Wisdom Spring, our founder Sobonfu Some, and the issues of water access in various parts of the world. The film was picked up by PBS and is now in circulation in their system. 

For some, walking 20 miles a day to procure water is a normal occurrence - hence the title of the film. The teens felt this was a good mileage number to use for the event - so we could understand the distances people walk to gain access to this vital resource. 

Do I have to do all the 20 miles on the 7th or the 22nd?

No. People will have two weeks between the two events to complete their miles. PLENTY OF TIME!

What is the entrance fee?

For adults, it is $30. For students, it is $15. If for some reason this is a hardship please contact us.


How do I watch the Live Streaming Event?


You can watch the streaming event on the website HERE, or on the Event page HERE. It will run between the 7th and the 22nd of May.


How can I participate in the Silent Auction?


Our Silent Auction is hosted through a service called GalaBid. We have event pages for the East and West Coast Events. 


The East Coast Auction Page will be HERE and goes live on May 7. 

The West Coast Auction Page will be HERE and goes live May 22.


I hear there is a raffle! Where do I get a ticket? 


YES! The raffle for the East Coast goes live on May 7th. The West Coast goes live on May 22nd. The Raffle will be active for one day.